Kingdom of Thorn and Sands

Dieg's Recap 9.16

??? – OK, so the roadrunner guys weren’t so bad after all. Still don’t trust them. Had to give up my bike to get in a bar. Apparently, you can just think up money here. Pretty sweet. The bar let me order a drink and smokes. Played a game and made a little money… I think. Some freak scared the shit out of everyone and we had to leave. The Terminator (one of the roadrunner guys) warned us about something…

9/18 Holy shit I had an awesome dream. Made me miss Switch again though. Damn those were good times. Parent day again. Not sure why they have it, who the hell wants to see their parents?

9/20 My bastard grandpa couldn’t be bothered to show up to Aikido so I had to run it. Gotta whip these wimps into shape if I’m gonna trust them in a fight.


Yatsko qynoi

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