Kingdom of Thorn and Sands

Dieg's Recap 9.9

Sept 12: I am officially in Hell. This place is just like juvie, if juvie were run by hippies, which makes it worse than juvie. Of course I hate this place. Who the hell decided to put brains with delinquents anyway? Even I know that’s a bad idea.
I’d be perfectly happy if people would just leave me alone but a stupid sugar monkey keeps pestering me and there’s a creeper staring at everyone – judging them. Freak.
Damnit. My bastard grandpa just outed me to everyone. So yeah, I’m a bit pissy by the time I have to meet my roommates. We have to pick our own classes. I want to suggest 6 periods of punching and stabbing shit but at least we didn’t get a bunch of suckass classes.
I miss my Switch friends. They never thought of me as a girl and those that did I could set straight. But, fuck, I don’t wanna go back to juvie, so I’ll play their fuckin’ games. Even if it means making stupid ass agreements.

Sept 16: Most of the week was boring. No reason to write stupid shit. The pact we made was mostly about respect – I can get behind that. Best class so far is computers. Never thought I’d get to play games for school. That’s some sweet shit. They have a nice gym here. If I get strong enough, no one will call me a weak-ass girl anymore.
John was sick so I watched Kato. So did everyone else. I think that dog is more popular than anyone.
We played survival hide and seek. I shit you not. Then the school had a pack of coyotes. It was pretty sweet.

Sept 17: Parents didn’t show up. Fuck them.

??? – Having a weird dream. It sucks balls though. I don’t even have a motorcycle and the creeper and sugar monkey are in it. Least that one chick I room with is in it. We’re trying to find a zeppelin. Lamia? Lynn? I forget, but she seems smart – got common sense at least. Not like the creeper. Anyway, she thinks we’ll wake up from this stupid mess when we get to the zeppelin. Or the end of the road or something. I don’t think those roadrunner guys are friendly. Prolly going to fuck us over. That’s the way it always goes in my dreams.


Yatsko qynoi

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