Kingdom of Thorn and Sands

Lane, First Day at Maesa

First day at Maesa.
I was expecting my father to stick around and attend the first day’s tour with me, but instead he dropped me off and left in a hurry, which is very unlike him. Something is bothering him; I can read it on his face.
I was a bit surprised when I got to the orientation. I’d heard that MAESA was a school for advanced academic development for the gifted, and surrounding me were other kids that I would call anything but. Despite their looks maybe they will surprise me, book, cover, you get the idea; though talking through metaphors some of these kids appear to have some pretty messed up covers.
The orientation itself enlightened me further as to how much I didn’t think I was going to enjoy my studies here. Apparently I have to be part of a “house” with other members of the student body, and we all have to agree on 5 classes which will be our course material for a semester. This was not explained to me prior to my enrollment, and to be candid I am perturbed at the idea of my academic studies being influenced by other members of the student body. I’d prefer that the choice of what classes I enroll in be left up to me.
Even more irksome were the students that were selected as the other members of my house. First there is “She of the most annoying and petulant affections”, a girl named Njall who can’t seem to stand still for more than a few moments and claims to be thirteen but cannot be more than 8 or must suffer from sort of severe form of ADHD, or possibly an early form of Histrionic personality disorder, or maybe a mild form of Autism. I hope she just leaves me to my own devices during the semester, especially while studying.
After Njall there is a gir…gu…er, a person name Dieg, who is a delinquent if I ever saw one. One look at…Dieg and I could tell that…”the use of the word “it” just doesn’t feel appropriate here. Despite Dieg’s lack of apparent sex I think it would be offensive to assign such a designation without consulting Dieg on the matter to see if Dieg defines Dieg as being sexually neutral or not” Dieg didn’t want to here at all, and was likely being forced into attending this school to avoid some other fate that was likely worse in Dieg’s eyes. I have the strong impression that Dieg’s personality and goals (if Dieg has any goals, at least those that are aligned with that of any student) are going to grate against mine and the other members of my house. If I am lucky Dieg won’t try to involve me in anything that I won’t already have to be involved because of school and will simply leave me alone. I will admit that Dieg, if a girl, is more than mildly attractive, and if a guy is, well, the same, though I doubt that most anyone my age would understand the ability to appreciate the attractiveness of a member of the same sex without actually being sexually attracted to such an individual and I would likely be branded inappropriately by other members of the student body. Also I can’t I am not at the very least curious to find out whether Dieg is male or female, and what sex, if any, Dieg identifies with.
Not all of them are disappointing selections mind you. Chrys Alias (a name I find amusing) for instance, seems to be an intelligent girl, who is also cute; two characteristics that don’t always seem to go together for some odd reason. I wonder who I am going to end up rooming with…whoever they are I hope they are quiet.
I suppose it goes without saying that things at Maesa are going to be “interesting”, but interesting to who I’m not sure about yet.


Yatsko Asmordikai

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