General Winter


Role: Mentor/Authority figure
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Shadowsoul/Snowskin
Court: Dawn/Summer
Description: Very little is truly known about the man known as General Winter—he is an enigma shrouded in a blizzard of mystery.

Common knowledge has that he was taken in the prime of his life, in the middle of broad daylight, when a freak snowstorm hit the army he commanded. Common knowledge says, too, that he was the general of a great force, but although many theories have been put forth as to which army might be missing one of its top generals, the circumstances behind each one are always found lacking. What’s more, the man is a mass of inconsistencies. For example, his Kith puts him as a creature of dark and ice, but he has bound himself to the Dawn and Summer courts.

Everyone seems to “know” something about him, but nothing ever quite adds up with what someone else “knows”, and nobody can seem to remember who it was that told them, or where they learned it. Nor does anyone seem to care, for whether this backstory is truth or elaborate fiction seems irrelevant when you face the might of General Winter himself. His presence suffuses any room he enters, and between his words and his bearing, everything else fades away like snow on a summer day.

Even so, none can gainsay his accomplishments. When the Gentry noble Pashka the Red attacked his freehold, it was General Winter’s leadership that brought them through to win the day, and it was General Winter who established the Pledges that still protect the freehold’s Hollows to this day.

Only one thing can be known for sure about this mysterious man—he keeps his word, regardless of the consequences.

General Winter

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