The Devourer of Secrets


Role: Mysterious enemy
Seeming: Unknown
Kith: Unknown
Court: Unknown
Description: Adorned in black tattoos and with insane rage burning in his dead eyes, the Devourer falls upon his unsuspecting victims when they are at their most vulnerable. His victims awaken the next day with no memory of the attack save the Devourer’s burning eyes and feeling somehow… lessened, though they can never explain exactly why.

Onlookers have reported that those he attacks are seen to fall to the ground unconscious, while the Devourer stands over them. He cuts his wrists with his taloned fingers and lets his blood fall to the ground around the victim’s still form. Some have said they saw faint mist rise from the victim’s mouth to enter the Devourer’s own, and this has lead to speculation that he somehow feeds upon the victim’s very soul. If this is the case, this would make him something akin to the oneirovores of the Hedge or Faerie, but he has only ever been seen in the mortal realm, so this theory has its holes.

The Devourer never kills his victims, but he has no such qualms regarding those who interrupt him at his feeding.

The Devourer of Secrets

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